ICOTEKNE can implement a full range of technologies for underground special works, so succeeding in answering to the different needs required by the present-day execution of civil engineering works.

ICOTEKNE focuses its efforts in the most dynamic niches of the construction world, greatly investing, in addition to its human and technological assets, in the study of new technologies to be implemented in areas of the domestic and international market, where it could reach leadership positions..
Focus on
To be more efficient thePolish market, Icotekne spa on 09.06.2011 has established the company "Icotekne...
VSM shafts
The VSM (Vertical Shaft-sinking Machine) is a recent innovation in mechanized technology for the sinking and simultaneous lining of vertical circular shafts, with inner diameter...
Completed jobs
Metro of Naples, Line 1, Municipio station (2005-2008). Soil improvement by artificial ground freezing and grouting to allow the excavation of four platform tunnels and four...
Technical papers
Technical Papers about Icotekne
De Risi A. (2009).Il prolungamento della linea 1 della metropolitana di Napoli. Strade & Autostrade  1/2009.